Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SUNSHINE!!!! China Glaze Sun Worshipper with Cover Band Connect the Dots

There is no camera in the world that can capture the super bright neon of China Glaze Sun Worshipper. NONE! It's SO bright that it makes my hands look weird... like my fingertips are glowing or something. Especially in the sun. It's amazing!!! I got this colour as a birthday gift from one of the lovely girls in my Birthday Group - The gorgeous Spencer. She's just started her own blog which you can find here - make sure you check her out! She needs some new lovely followers to go with her lovely nails :D

I tried this colour alone first, but the formula was a pain in the bum and after three coats it was still streaky and the green staining from a colour I wore last week (ack!) still showed through, so I ended up layering it over two coats of China Glaze - White on White which sorted out all the formula issues and make it POP even more than it did before. I definitely recommend layering all China Glaze neons over white. It dries matte like most neons so you need a topcoat to make it shiny. Over the top of that I put one coat of Cover Band - Sticks and Stones. I have this on my toes at the moment too over Cult Nails - Evil Queen. I would show you but I am loathe to post pictures of toes uninvited. I think my toes are quite cute, but I know some people have feet issues so I will spare you my feets :)

Sticks and stones is SO COOL! When I bought this I never ever thought I'd like it as much as I do. I like glitters, that much is true, but normally I like to stamp them with something or just use them on a couple of nails but this one is awesome enough to stand up as nail art on its own. I think I like it more than Connect the Dots - it's just cleaner, a bit sparser and better put together I think. The only annoying thing was that the bar glitter lifts up occasionally and I get annoyed with it and bite it off... as you can see on my fourth finger there's a dent where a bit of bar glitter lifted and it bugged me so off it came.


ARGGHHH IT'S SO BRIGHT! And look! Sunshine! It's so hot here right now and I'm SO HAPPY about it! After months of grim rain and rubbishness it's finally brightened up and just in time for a festival this weekend and my birthday on Monday! YAY!

I hope you're all having an excellent summer.

Aimee x

Cult Nails - I Got Distracted with stamping

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I haven't posted all week. I've been enjoying the sunshine and the summer holidays :)

I got my Cult Nails Coco Collection! YAYYYY!!! They are all super amazing and I LOVE THEM ALL! Arg. My boyfriend would tell me off for using so many exclamation marks, but I think these polishes deserve them.

Cult Nails - I Got Distracted is a beauuutiifullll blackened jelly base with lots of lovely green and holo glitter. YUM! It's so beautiful and my photos don't do it justice. This is two coats stamped with Barry M Silver Foil.

A zillion photos to follow:

How beautiful! You can see the holo in some of the photos but not too well. I loveeeee this polish. It's so sexy and beautiful. I actually wore it as part of a 'costume' (ahem) for my friend's birthday. He wanted to go out dressed as Battle Royale characters so I ended up dressing as a schoolgirl and getting covered in sticky red sugar syrup which was meant to be blood. I thought this colour was nice and vampy enough to go with the whole bloody schoolgirl ensemble. I am way too old to be going out dressed as a schoolgirl. Here's a photo to show how little dignity I have. Haha :) I'm on the left looking bewildered.

Oh. Dear.

Thanks for reading! I hope you're all enjoying the sun! I AM!

Aimee x

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Glittery blue and purple stamping with Cult Nails Happy Ending and

Hello everyone! Before I show you this I just wanted to say thankyou ever so much for reading my blog and commenting on my posts. I have, at the moment of writing, 390 followers... which is AMAZING!! Thankyou so much. Watch out for another giveaway soon to say thankyou. I really appreciate it. :) 

So I ordered Cult Nails Fairy tale collection as soon as I saw swatches of it because quite frankly, it's AWESOME. In this mani I've used Cult Nails - Happy Ending which is an amazing shredded glitter with a zillion different colours in - mostly blue, gold, pink, red and purple. I used two coats of Happy Ending over two coats of A-england - Guinevere - a stunning dusty purple cream, and one coat of P&K - Enchanted which is a super beautiful purple-based microshimmer which I love! P&K polishes are one of my favourite brands and you can buy them here. A lot of indie polish makers are known for their glitters and whilst P&Ks glitters are awesome, it's their creams I really love! Check them out, you won't regret it. And they ship internationally! HURRAH!

So on the two accent nails I did the same combo of Guinevere and Enchanted, but instead of Happy Ending I stamped the blue swirls in and the bow image, both from Konad plate M56. I borrowed this idea from this tutorial - I don't know how she got the white lines in between the stamps! I think hers is prettier than mine :)

I wish the sun would come out so I could take better pictures. Does anyone have any advice on how to take pictures without sufficient sun? A lightbox maybe? I don't know. 

What do you think?

Thanks so much for looking and have a lovely day.

Aimee x

Friday, July 13, 2012

W7 Mosaic and stars and stripes stamping!

Hi there! How are you? 

Today I'm gonna show you a mani I did using w7 - Mosaic which is a super cool blue jelly with all oodles of matte yellow, green and blue hex glitter. This was three coats and it's so squishy and fun. I love it!

I also used Rimmel - Strawberry which is a scented polish that smells like sweeties, stamped with stripes from my Dashica SDP B Big plate and stars from the Charming Nails Q1 plate by Konad.

My left hand actually turned out loads better but I cannot for the life of me take pictures of my left hand so you're stuck with the slightly less crisp right hand I'm afraid. It's much clearer if you squint. :)


What do you think? I hope you're enjoying your day!

Aimee x

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze and some stripes!

Good afternoon lovelies! Today I'm gonna show you a mani I did with the other polish I ordered from The Hungry Asian and one of my biggest lemmings - Sneeze Breeze! 

I HEART this polish. It's that sort of matte glitter, similar to Floam that I just love. It has teeny black and blue hex glitter and it's super dense. I really love it. I layered it over Sinful Colors - Why Not? which I got as a birthday gift from the lovely Carolina from colores de carol. Check out her blog if you haven't already. Her nail art is amazing!

I also got OPI - I Vant to be Alone Star in the same package from Carolina. I wanted this for AGES!!!! I am a total sucker for shimmery greys and I just love this one. I did two layers of IVTBAS and then used sticky note labels to mask off sections and used Sinful Colors - Amethyst to create stripes. Finally I added some little bows from a Hello Kitty nail sticker set I got from ebay. A lot of coats of Seche later (and for sneeze breeze that was A LOT! And it was still bumpy - but it's beautiful so it doesn't matter :)) and voila.


Don't you hate when your camera shows up tiny polish bubbles? They freak me out 'cos they look like holes. I remember seeing a nail art tutorial for making decals that look like little rocks in a stream and one of the comments mentioned that it looked like holes and that they were freaked out by holes in the skin - those little bubbles freak me out for the same reason. Is that weird? Probably :)

What do you think??

I hope you're having a lovely day, whether it's raining and you're tucked up inside or it's blazing hot and you're out enjoying it - or something in between.

Thanks for looking.

Aimee x

Friday, July 6, 2012

Nerdlacquer Hyperspace Bypass

Hello lovelies! 

As promised today I will show you Nerdlacquer - Hyperspace Bypass.


It doesn't look that yellow on, actually, it's more gold... just like a Hyperspace Bypass... Man as a fully fledged geek I love the names of these polishes.

Hyperspace Bypass is packed full of big black and gold hex glitter as well as innumerable other smaller glitters and its just fab. I think this was four coats just to get rid of visible nail line, but it would be cool layered over a gold polish. I might try that next. This is another one I didn't have the heart to stamp over 'cos it's just so beautiful. All the kids on my placement loved it too.


Thanks for looking

Aimee x

Icecream Nails with Me Me Me polishes and The Hungry Asian Mint Condition

Hello everyone! How are you today? 

I did these icecream inspired nails using some new Me Me Me polishes I picked up yesterday - Pensive which is a lovely pale blue and Playful which is a gorgeous dusty pink. For the 'sprinkles' I used Illamasqua - Load and China Glaze - Light as Air which are both gorgeous. The lovely green is The Hungry Asian - Mint Condition over pensive which I absolutely LOVE! Mint Condition is a beauuuttiful minty green colour with different coloured small glitter shapes floating in it. It looks like mint icecream with smarties in. I love it sooo much! Mint greens are one of my most favourite nail polish colours. Looveeely.

I stamped the stripes with Konad Special stamping polish in red and used Seche Vite to affix the wee heart. Yummers.

Thanks for looking!

Aimee x

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nerdlacquer - All of Time and Space

Afternoon lovelies! 

This right here is one of the four nerdlacquers that I own. I think I've shown you this before as part of nail art, but never on its own, and it's FAR TOO BEAUTIFUL not to do that! :)

It's a beautiful minty green with all kinds of beautiful glitter in; mainly different sized magenta hex glitter and various sizes of silver hex glitter with some teeny tiny shimmer. It's so deep and beautiful. I love it so much. Nerdlacquer were one of my favourite ever brands! I wish they'd come back! Come back Amanda!!!

I am currently listening to Ground Control to Major Tom whilst writing this post, which I thought was particularly fitting. If I ever did my own line of polish, I'd totally name them after Bowie songs :)

Can you believe I didn't do any nail art on this? It takes a very special polish for me to not want to nail art it up!

Tomorrow I will show you Hyperspace Bypass!


Thanks for looking

Aimee x

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Uh oh - Lynnderella Sweets to the Sweet

Hello lovelies! 

So I guess this isn't the best time to post this, given the whole brough-ha-ha regarding Lynnderella. Thing is, I bought this polish and Boy Girl Party - my first (and probably my only) Lynns just before the whole drama erupted. I guess it kind of soured the whole thing for me, but I wanted this polish for soooo long and I was so happy to finally get the chance to own it, plus d'you know what? I couldn't really care less about the drama thing. I mean, I know full well that a lot of people are pissed, and rightly so.. I mean they are entitled to feel slighted and I empathise with everyone, but at the end of the day I just like painting my nails. And my word this is a cool polish!

I layered two coats of Lynnderella - Sweets to the Sweet over three coats of Cult Nails - Charming which is a totally stunning sheer purple. It's all squishy and delicious and I love it. Cult Nails are probably one of my favourite brands around right now. 

GAH I LOVE THIS POLISH! Look at all the pretty glitter! There are so many types in Sweets to the Sweet - it's mainly those little hex and square white ones, but there are also larger holo hex glitters, big red square ones, some yellow and purple ones, a few orange ones and some lovely background shimmer which really sets it off. There's also some bar glitter in there. It's just... cool! I'll tell you what it was a nightmare to remove though.

I really love this polish. And I love it over the purple. I will wear it again but I don't think I'll ever buy another Lynn. Not at $20 a pop. It is totally stunning though. 

What do you guys thing? Are you over the Lynn thing or are you still lemming some pretty glitters?

Thanks for looking!

Aimee x

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainy Day Nails

Hello lovelies! 

The weather here is DIRE. It's July. And it's raining. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Now this sucks, but I decided to make the best of it so here we have: rainy day nails! :) 

The lovely, beautiful Marnie from my polish birthday club sent me Girly Bits - January Morning in my birthday package! I was soooo excited. I've wanted January morning for ages. So for this mani I layered January Morning over China Glaze - Elephant Walk from the China Glaze Safari Collection (which I LOVE). On the accent nails I put China Glaze - Snowglobe which is one of my all time favourite glitters ever. I love the different coloured glitter and the way the colours shift in different lights. It really does look like a snowglobe and it looks fab over any colour. On the other nails I did some clouds with China Glaze - White on White and Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Angel Wings for the accents on the clouds and the raindrops. I love the way January morning just shimmers and sparkles in the background. It makes me almost like rainy days. Except when I have to go outside in them. BOO!

See the shrinkage on my accent nails... UGH I did that nail TWICE to try and stop it, and both times it did that. Is that just Seche Vite? Or is it something I'm doing wrong? I'm using a new base coat - Essie Nourish me... could that be causing shrinkage? Or is it just too many layers of polish. Anyway.

What do you think of these? Is it raining where you are or are you one of those lucky ones who live in sunnier climes? If so can I come and live with you please? I'm FED UP of all this rain :)

Thanks for looking

Aimee x

Monday, July 2, 2012

Guest post for The Crumpet!

Hi! Check out this guest post I did for the awesomely wonderful Debbie at The Crumpet. I was so honoured to do this because I love Debbie's blog and she's also something of a pillar of the nail community. She tells it like it is as evidenced by her stunningly articulate, measured and eloquent post on the Lynnderella debacle, which is required reading fir anyone who wants to know about the whole indie polish explosion. 

Here's a little teaser of my post - go over to Debbie's blog to check out the whole thing and check out her other guest blogger posts too because she has featured some seriously fabulous bloggers.

Thanks for reading!!
Aimee x