Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainy Day Nails

Hello lovelies! 

The weather here is DIRE. It's July. And it's raining. ALL. THE. TIME. 

Now this sucks, but I decided to make the best of it so here we have: rainy day nails! :) 

The lovely, beautiful Marnie from my polish birthday club sent me Girly Bits - January Morning in my birthday package! I was soooo excited. I've wanted January morning for ages. So for this mani I layered January Morning over China Glaze - Elephant Walk from the China Glaze Safari Collection (which I LOVE). On the accent nails I put China Glaze - Snowglobe which is one of my all time favourite glitters ever. I love the different coloured glitter and the way the colours shift in different lights. It really does look like a snowglobe and it looks fab over any colour. On the other nails I did some clouds with China Glaze - White on White and Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Angel Wings for the accents on the clouds and the raindrops. I love the way January morning just shimmers and sparkles in the background. It makes me almost like rainy days. Except when I have to go outside in them. BOO!

See the shrinkage on my accent nails... UGH I did that nail TWICE to try and stop it, and both times it did that. Is that just Seche Vite? Or is it something I'm doing wrong? I'm using a new base coat - Essie Nourish me... could that be causing shrinkage? Or is it just too many layers of polish. Anyway.

What do you think of these? Is it raining where you are or are you one of those lucky ones who live in sunnier climes? If so can I come and live with you please? I'm FED UP of all this rain :)

Thanks for looking

Aimee x


  1. Aw, so cute! I keep doing blue sky/cloud manis to try and make the sun come out, but it's not working!

  2. All though I hate rain too - I do like this fun and cute mani!

  3. And I always thought a sky mani should be blue :) This is a lovely look

  4. Seche Vite is likely the culprit. Sometimes it does not play well with certain polishes. Another possibility is the bottle is thickening a bit and needs to be thinned with Seche Restore. Honestly, I've had so many issues with SV that I switched to INM Out The Door.

  5. Well, the sun i shining aroud here! Making you jealous!? LOL don't be, he will come to you too! :P This manicure is so gorgeous! I love everything, but specially the clouds, they are so beautiful! And JanuarY Morning gives the rain feel.. uh! Beautiful! lol ***

  6. its really sunny here and this is soo beautiful I need some rain lol

  7. oh Aimee I love this and it sums up the bloody weather perfectly. I love the grey bits you added to the clouds. And yes, I get shrinkage with Seche which is why I don't use it - i prefer Poshe xxx

  8. OOOh this is lovely! Well done

  9. This is really beautiful. I love the accent nail and have now added January Morning to my wishlist.


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