Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Glittery blue and purple stamping with Cult Nails Happy Ending and

Hello everyone! Before I show you this I just wanted to say thankyou ever so much for reading my blog and commenting on my posts. I have, at the moment of writing, 390 followers... which is AMAZING!! Thankyou so much. Watch out for another giveaway soon to say thankyou. I really appreciate it. :) 

So I ordered Cult Nails Fairy tale collection as soon as I saw swatches of it because quite frankly, it's AWESOME. In this mani I've used Cult Nails - Happy Ending which is an amazing shredded glitter with a zillion different colours in - mostly blue, gold, pink, red and purple. I used two coats of Happy Ending over two coats of A-england - Guinevere - a stunning dusty purple cream, and one coat of P&K - Enchanted which is a super beautiful purple-based microshimmer which I love! P&K polishes are one of my favourite brands and you can buy them here. A lot of indie polish makers are known for their glitters and whilst P&Ks glitters are awesome, it's their creams I really love! Check them out, you won't regret it. And they ship internationally! HURRAH!

So on the two accent nails I did the same combo of Guinevere and Enchanted, but instead of Happy Ending I stamped the blue swirls in and the bow image, both from Konad plate M56. I borrowed this idea from this tutorial - I don't know how she got the white lines in between the stamps! I think hers is prettier than mine :)

I wish the sun would come out so I could take better pictures. Does anyone have any advice on how to take pictures without sufficient sun? A lightbox maybe? I don't know. 

What do you think?

Thanks so much for looking and have a lovely day.

Aimee x


  1. It's beautiful, lovely colors and Happy Ending is so gorgeous!

  2. This is gorgeous! I can't get through to the tutorial but I'm guessing the white lines were a striping pen and a very steady hand.

  3. Very cute :) I'm having similar lighting problems at the moment too, the sun hasn't been out here in weeks! If you come up with a solution please be sure to post it >.<

    1. The sun has come out in response to my pleas I think :)

  4. I love this, it's so pretty :-)


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