Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - IT'S FLOAM!!!

Hello lovelies! Today is teal tuesday! It's like pink wednesday, but for the ever neglected teal! Hoorah!

So.. I don't know if this can be classed as a teal... It's probably not dark enough to be teal, but its close and it's AWESOME! Oh my goodness me its awesome. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is FLOAM, a beautiful matte glitter franken from the incredible mind of the fabulous Amy at im feeling nail-venturous.


Goodness gracious me! This is stunning. Look, there's NO NAIL ART on it! No stamping - nothing. I left her as she is in all her beautiful floamy glory, which means she MUST be special because I feel naked without a bit of nail art. I'll be naked for you, floam.


This is four coats. It was fine in two but I couldn't stop! I used two coats of Seche over the top. It could probably do with another to get it perfectly smooth and glossy but I do intend to stamp on it tomorrow and I didn't want to put too many layers on it for fear of it becoming too thick and looking horrid. 

You can get floam from the utterly fabulous Ninja Polish. Ninja polish is a new e-seller that stocks all kinds of wonderful nail polishes - mainly frankens and hard to find brands such as HITS and Ozotic. Most things are out of stock at the moment since the polish world's little mind was blown upon its opening and everyone (including me) bought everything in a frenzy of happy polish excitement! It was awesome. 

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So what do you think? Is this teal and do you love it? :)

Thanks for reading.

Aimee x


  1. I only have one word, one huge word in my mind right now - that's ENVIOUS hahahha, I have seen this on some blogs now, and I'm hopelessly in love with it.
    I'm sure you don't like yours, so I can send you my address ;)
    Nah honestly, it's beyond gorgeous!!!

  2. Wow, this is so cool- I can't wait to see this in person! It's currently en route to me, and I can't waaait! It's entirely unlike anything I've seen before.

  3. This polish is so cool looking!

  4. Simply amazing !!

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  5. OMG this is soooooo cool!!!! I'll have to check out the link.

  6. i do love it! i think i might need to do this in preparation for st. patty's day!


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