Friday, March 23, 2012

My First Swap!!!

Hallo! So this was my first ever swap and it was AWESOME! Such a great experience. I swapped with the super lovely Katee from A Girl and her Polish and she sent me some super beautiful Sinful Colors polishes including Zeus which I have been wanting for ages (and wanted even more after seeing her post on it!

I was too excited to take pictures of the box!

This is the lovely card she sent me.

OMGOSH! These are so cute! Little marshmallow chicks! These did not last long AT ALL. They were so yummy. My son loved them too and I went on the internet to try and find more as soon as they were gone. Americans have the best sweets!

M&Ms! Yummy!

YAY! Right to left - Sinful Colors Island Coral, Amethyst, Zeus, Unicorn and Olympia.

Amethyst - look at the pretty rose! I think it's a ring - I'm wearing it as a ring anyway! So pretty x


Island Coral



Aren't they awesome! I am wearing Amethyst as we speak! It's so beautiful. Thankyou so much Katee and thankyou for making my first swap such an awesome experience. Make sure you check out Katee's post to see what we swapped! 

I think I might be swap addicted now!

Thanks for looking


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  1. You are making me want to go out and buy more Sinful Colors!!!!!


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