Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas present nails!

Hello! It's the first of December tomorrow! Happy Advent!

I did these the other day and I didn't want to take them off because they looked so pretty, like all different Christmas presents. I am SO in love with China Glaze - Twinkle Lights which I used for the ring fingers. It needs about three coats to look evening but oh my goodness once it's on it's so very glittery. It is the veritable spirit of Christmas. I am REALLY excited about Christmas already. I'm in a band and each year we join forces with another band we know to become a SUPER AWESOME CHRISTMAS BAND! We do sort of.. folky Christmas songs. I'm very excited about it!

So here they are:

The thumb is China Glaze - Ruby Pumps which is so, so beautiful. I have this on my toes and I layered over China Glaze - Love Marylin. It looks amaze, but I don't really want to post pictures of my feet, so you'll have to trust me :) I added little butterfly sticker that I got really cheap on ebay.

For the stripes and the little fingers I used China Glaze - Tuned Up Turquoise, Barry M - Matt White and Collection 200 Hot Looks - Parma Violets. I used some striping tape I got from Ebay on the little fingers. This stuff is pretty, but a big pain. It doesn't stay on too well and was peeling off after a day, even with two coats of Seche Vite on top. For the middle finger I used a Miss Sporty silver foil and dotted with ruby pumps, parma violets and tuned up turquoise. It makes me feel all festive inside!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Loco Roco Nails!

So this is my first attempt at the kind of nail art where you actually draw things. I know a lot of people like to use acrylic paint, but I found it worked okay with polish. I used Barry M Matt White for the base coat and a whole LOAD of other polishes that I mixed in a pallette to get the right colours. They were mostly Collection 2000 Hot Looks polishes, which I LOVE! They're a bit teeny, but they're pretty cheap so they're great value for money and the colours are really pretty.

For those of you who might not know, Loco Roco is the BEST GAME EVER! You're a little blob - or a loco roco - and you bounce around eating flowers to get more blobs that are kind of... inside you (okay this sounds strange but it really isn't... well it is, a bit... but it's good!) and you sing songs that make no sense. It's wonderful! The songs are great too! So, without further ado, behold: Loco Roco nails!

I did all the details with a teeny tiny brush and some dotting tools and finished with a coat of Seche Vite to even everything out. I hope you like them!

Now i'm off to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead! AHHH ZOMBIES!

Thanks for reading.

First post!


My name is Aimee and this is my first ever blog. I've been a lurker on lots of different nail and beauty blogs for a while - I sometimes comment but mostly I'm a bit shy so starting my own blog is a big, scary step! I hope I don't do too badly! So for my first post i'm going to show you some pretty sparkly christmas nails I did.

I'm afraid these aren't particularly good pictures because I had yet to read the instruction manual on my lovely new camera when I took these pictures. I used lots of different polishes: Elf Pearl for the base, then I sponged on some Miss Sporty Silver foil, then some Saffron silver glitter which is an AMAZING glitter with large and small hex pieces, then a teeny tiny bit of Claire's blue glitter polish and finished with Nabi Nail Laquer Star Glitter number 47. They look SO sparkly in real life. After I took these pictures I tried mattifying them and that looked rubbish. Boo.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog post (eeehhh!) I hope you liked it!