Monday, November 28, 2011

First post!


My name is Aimee and this is my first ever blog. I've been a lurker on lots of different nail and beauty blogs for a while - I sometimes comment but mostly I'm a bit shy so starting my own blog is a big, scary step! I hope I don't do too badly! So for my first post i'm going to show you some pretty sparkly christmas nails I did.

I'm afraid these aren't particularly good pictures because I had yet to read the instruction manual on my lovely new camera when I took these pictures. I used lots of different polishes: Elf Pearl for the base, then I sponged on some Miss Sporty Silver foil, then some Saffron silver glitter which is an AMAZING glitter with large and small hex pieces, then a teeny tiny bit of Claire's blue glitter polish and finished with Nabi Nail Laquer Star Glitter number 47. They look SO sparkly in real life. After I took these pictures I tried mattifying them and that looked rubbish. Boo.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog post (eeehhh!) I hope you liked it!

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