Sunday, September 9, 2012

OPI Black spotted!

Hello! Look what I got!! OPI Black Spotted! HOORAY!!!

I put this over a load of different neons which I can't remember right now. The thing I found about this is that it's best to do really REALLY thin coats. And by thing I mean REALLY thin! Like there's almost nothing on the brush thin, which is difficult because the formula is really watery so it's easy to get too much. This was my first go with it and I really love it. I like it much better than crackles which I've always been  a wee bit meh about.

Anyway: Pictures!

Oohhh! Ahhh! Isn't it cool. It reminds me of something Will Smith might have worn in the early 90's :) Tres De La Soul! :)

Anyway, sorry this is so short. I start my new course tomorrow and I'm bogged down with all the pre-course reading. Plus I'm having some personal issues at the moment so I'm sorry I am not posting as much. I hope you guys are all ok!

Aimee x