Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Purple Fairy Crumpet Spring Challenge Day 23 - Spring Stripes!

Evening lovely ladies! I hope all you British ladies are enjoying the sunshine! It's sooo beautiful here, I've been able to pull out my lovely summer dresses! Hooray! 

Today's Spring Challenge was Spring Stripes! 

I've wanted to do this mani for ages and it didn't translate onto that nail like I saw it in my head. It looks kind of retro which I think is cool, but it's not really my style. :) I used Zoya Cho from the Zoya True Collection which is a super beautiful yellow/peachy toned beige with a really pretty hidden shimmer which you can JUST ABOUT see in the photos. I really love it. I have quite a pale yellowy skin tone so it's just the right colour for me .

The stripes didn't go as neat as I'd like. BOOO. I use sticky labels because then you can just peel the shapes you've cut out before you need them, but I was a bit careless with this because my boyfriend was hassling me to play Space Crusaders O.o

I used - For the Base:

Zoya - Cho 

Stripes from thumb to little finger:

China Glaze - Dance Baby
Orly - Frisky
Accessorize - Ultra Violet
Collection 2000 Hot Looks - Hip Hop
Chick Nails - Gavie Green

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Thanks for reading!
Aimee x


  1. Love this! Need to try stripes with labels, mine are always a bit squint. Isn't the weather fab? Hope it lasts!

  2. LOL, I think you are right about the retro look, nice mani :)

  3. Gorgeous. Cho goes so well with the other colours.

  4. i LOVE THIS - its so brave and bold - i could never do stripes this loud with my wobbly hands lol xx

  5. Cool! Love the different stripes, my favorite is the red one!


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