Saturday, February 18, 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge Day 4 - Spring Water Marble!

Day 4. Water Marble. Two words that strike fear into the hearts of bloggers everywhere (except the really clever ones who can do perfect beautiful water marbles :))

This is my first attempt at a water marble. I wish I'd used stronger colours - the blue totally washed out and went all grey. I kind of like it but it's not the effect I was going for.

Wonky left hand shot

So I was about to take it off because I felt a bit 'meh' about it... and I had an idea... why not stamp on it? Et voila!

Another wonky left hand shot - I cannot take pictures of my left hand. I can't even pose my left hand. My little finger won't go straight - it sticks up all ridiculously. :)

And now I love it! It reminds me of 90's graffiti - like a shirt that Will Smith might have worn in the Fresh Prince! Haha.

I used:

Sally Hansen No Chip Base Coat
Models Own - Pink Blush
Chick Nails - All A Twitter
Models Own - Peach Sherbert
ELF - Twinkle
Konad Special Stamping Polish - Black
Seche Vite 

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Thanks for looking!
Aimee x


  1. I like it both with and without the staming, you are right, it gives a feeling of spring :)

  2. Oh wow. I thought it looked great before the stamping! And after stamping... Gasp! This is really really pretty.

  3. This is very delicate looking, I love the soft colors, and the stamping makes it even more pretty!!!

  4. <3 Stamping over water marbles! This is stunning! ^_^

  5. Oh it was great without the stamping too! Like fairy wings made of candyfloss or something...
    (On a diet so everything reminds me of food..)

  6. It's so pretty! The colours are so feminine and delicate looking. It looks great with and without the stamp :)

  7. This looks absolutely gorgeous!

  8. I love the stamp pattern, Amiee, it's so gorgeous!
    What plate is it from?

  9. thx for your comment ..i really enjoy watching this beauriful nail art

    i follow you you can follow me back if you like


  10. Sooo cute!!! Hey my pinky sticks out like that too!! It drives me crazy when I'm trying to take pictures!

  11. I like the colors you chose for the water marble :)
    *I nominated you to the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you accept it :)

  12. The stamping really brought it to life, love the end results!

  13. looks so pretty, love the colors!


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