Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A-england St. George with stamping and freehand. Phew!

This is a-england's super beautiful St. George. I put this on and thought 'I'm going to wear this on its own'. That lasted for about five minutes. I've spoiled myself with nail art and stamping. 


I had to get my boyfriend to take this picture so sorry it's a bit wonky.

Check out that beautiful teal sparkle. This polish is an insanely deep blackened teal with scattered prismatic holo particles. It is stunning. 

So I stamped and dotted and brushed all over it...

I used:

a-england - St. George
Misa - Grey Matters
China Glaze - Dance Baby
HITS - Lindinha (I still hate this polish but I'm determined to find a use for it somehow)
Konad Special Stamping Polish - White

What do you think, should I have left it alone?

Thanks for reading


  1. I love A England polishes they are so gorgeous :) I've nominated you for the cute blog award -

    1. They're amazing right?

      Thanks so much lovely :) xx Love your blog x

  2. Really cute! I think it looks great!


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