Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Super Sparkly Awesomeness!


So I wanted to try some of the new polishes I bought yesterday. For this I used:

Miss Sporty Base Coat
Accessorize Nail Polish - Teal
E.L.F - Gum Pink
Nail Pop - Bling
China Glaze - Snow Globe
E.L.F - Black (for the dots)
Seche Vite Top coat

How amazing does Snow Globe look over the teal? AGGHHHRRR!!!

Outside pictures. This is the best light I could find. The weather is GRIM!

I was right about Bling, it's definitely a layering polish, but it's super pretty and looks really nice over the pink, I think. It has teeny tiny shimmery pink glitter and larger hex glitter and it's quite dense in two coats. It's also really smooth, so it doesn't eat your top coat. I really like it! So far Nail Pops are excellent!
The teal is a bit of a pain, it's quite streaky and difficult to apply but it's also really pretty so I forgive it. I added some Hello Kitty stickers I got from ebay, and some dots using a dotting tool. I really didn't want to take these nails off because I loved them SO much! But the teal didn't last too long even with two coats of top coat, and I accidentally dyed the pink blue with hair dye, so they only lasted about a day. Boo!

I've been thinking about buying some A England polishes, even though they're mega expensive. Would anyone recommend them? Are they worth the price?

Thanks for reading!


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