Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mismatched Spring Nails with China Claze - Some Like it Haute


I love mismatched nails so I decided to do some using quite muted tones, but of course I couldn't resist the call of the glitter...

How amazing is Some Like it Haute?? This is three coats and it's totally opaque. I don't think it's a grey base; more like really densely packed particles of glittery grey in a clear base with that amazing holo glitter, so it doesn't just look like grey with sparkles - the whole thing is sparkly to its very core! The very essence of sparkle. Plato's idea sparkle, if you will. Anyway, I love it!

I am also really loving Nail Pop - Bling. I have never heard of this brand before, and randomly stumbled across them in Superdrug. They have a really cool range of proper on-trend colours. Yesterday I picked up a Nail Pop Flakie top coat which I can't wait to try out! Have you ever tried Nail Pops before?

For these I used:

E.L.F - Gum pink
Nail Pop - Bling

Miss Sporty - 34 (they don't come with names - boo)
Barry M - Matt White

Misa - Grey Matters
Konad Special Stamping Polish - Pink

China Glaze - Some Like it Haute

Little Finger:
Barry M - Peach Melba (With Miss Sporty Purple Spots)
China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

Thanks for looking! Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. Ahhh Some Like it Haute looks really cool! Loving the Nail Pop Bling as well, I dont think I've seen those over here though... Looks like something I'd buy up immediately!

    1. It's amazing right?! I'm so in love with the holo glitter! I think Nail Pop are just a UK thing because I think they're a New Look brand. They're super pretty.


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