Monday, January 9, 2012

Totoro Nails!


There are LOADS of pictures of these nails because I was pretty stoked with them and wanted to show you them from every conceivable angle. I love Studio Ghibli. I have every DVD (except Arrietti which only came out yesterday in the UK - but I'm going to treat myself to it once I've finished all my work), and they're all in order because.. well I'm a bit like that.

The lovely Kayla Shevonne suggested I make my pictures bigger, so I did just that and she was SO right! Yay! You can see things much better like this. I'm going to go back and change the picture size on every single post. I never even thought of doing that. I'm such a technoloser.

Sorry about my shiny fingers. My cuticles looked really dry and yuck and I HAD to sort them before taking pictures.

For these I used:

Sally Hansen Base Coat
Misa - Grey Matters
(for big Totoro)
Hot Looks Collection 2000 - Button Moon (For little Totoro background)
Zoya - Robyn(little Totoro)
Barry M - Matt White
a-england Camelot
Orly - Ancient Jade

La Femme Twinkle
Seche Vite Top Coat

I really like the little soot demons and the white totoro. His little face makes me laugh! :)

What do you think? Have you guys seen Arrietti? I haven't seen it yet, and I'm so looking forward to it!

Thanks for looking!

Aimee x


  1. These are absolutely AMAZING :) You should be VERY proud! xoxo

  2. Thankyou! :) I did Ponyo on my friend's thumb but I didn't take pictures before he left. It was cute. Ponyo nails next I think!

  3. Too adorable! I love those little soots! I feel inspired to do something similar now... My favorite Ghibli movie is easily Howl's Moving Castle... I'm dreaming up a manicure now with Calcifer and Prince Turnip :D
    I somehow totally for that Arrietti came out! I'll have to see it some time this week~

  4. I think Howl's moving castle is my favourite too although I really love Porco Rosso, Pom Poko and Nauusica. PLEASE link me when you've done your Howl's moving castle manicure 'cos i'd love to see! :)

  5. Very cute nail art. I love all Ghibli Movies! I will follow your blog ;)

  6. These are so cute! I love Totoro :)


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