Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glitter Gal Holo and stamping!


So I have two versions of the same mani to show you today. I ordered Glitter Gal - Red Holo and Glitter Gal - Silver Holo from Llarowe and I was so excited when they arrived that I couldn't just wear one. I was like... MUST WEAR BOTH! RIGHT NOW! AIMEE SMASH! ... It was awful. Anyway... so I ended up with a mani that looked like two really pretty manis smushed together in a way that didn't work so well. I liked them separately, just not together. However, my boyfriend thought it was cute, so I thought I'd show you anyway. Okay!

Number 1:


It's so pretty!


BUT - they don't look too good together right? So I redid them all with the red and the stamping.


The letters are from my glow in the dark moon calendar! I thought my nails looked ace against the black!

Before Stamping to show amazing holo glory.

Much better right?

Sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't help myself. It's just so sparkly!!!

I used:

Sally Hansen No Chip Base Coat
Glitter Gal - Red Holo (and Silver Holo for nails #1)
a-england - Excalibur (for the stamping)
Colour Club - Wild at Heart (for the hearts on nails #1)
Seche Vite
Bundle Monster BM 12.

The little rhinestones were from ebay for like... £2 or something. Bargain!
I officially love holos!!! Have you tried these?

Thanks for reading!

Aimee x


  1. I have the silver one and love it! I will deffo need to get the red one as it looks gorgeous on your nails :) I love both NOTD's! xo

    1. It's so beautiful! The silver one is amazing too :) I saw you have the blue one, I think that's next on my wishlist! :)

      Thanks lovely! x

  2. Wow these are really great!! I am loving them! Am a new follower!

  3. This is totally awesome!! I love it!!

    1. Thankyou lovely. I don't want to take them off! :D


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