Thursday, May 17, 2012

HITS Moonbow with Zoya Lotus and 2True shimmery green

Hi Lovelies. I'm just getting back into posting after finally finishing all my final year work! Hooray!!! It was a slog, but now I have a degree! All that's left is to find out what class of degree. I'm hoping it's a first. I've worked my butt off for a first, but if it's not... well... nothing I can do now! C'est la vie and all that. 

So today I'm going to show you the STUNNING HITS Moonbow layered over Zoya Lotus. Moonbow is beautiful duochrome glitter. My relationship with HITS is officially healed after the hated Powerpuff Girls polishes turned me off them for a good while. This polish is just stunning. It goes from purple to green in different lights. It's fab!!!

The other nails, which are actually green but end up looking blue with the addition of navy blue stamping is Shade 49 from 2True beauty Nailwear. These polishes are super cheap and really surprisingly awesome for cheap drugstore polishes that don't even have names! 49 is a beautiful, shimmery sea green which applies really well and is really interesting to look at - quite complex really. I'm really surprised by the quality of these polishes.

I stamped with Konad Special Stamping Polish and an image from my Dashica SDP A big plate. LOVE!

Sorry about the tipwear and cuticles. My nails need some serious pampering - I just haven't had time recently with all my workkkk! Aghhr!

Thanks for looking!

Aimee xxx


  1. Love the colors you used. I also liked the accent nail.

  2. OH CONGRATULATIONS, you must feel so happy, well done!
    The mani is lovely, and the stamping is perfect :)

  3. Love this manicure! That purple on the accent nail is stunning and the nail art is very pretty too. Nice work!

    Congrats on the degree!

  4. zoya lotus topped with essie shine of the times is quite nice, too. :)

  5. I LOVE THIS!! Great stamping and I like the accent nail x2. :)


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