Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HITS Hera with kitties and pawprints

Hello! Today I have the stunningly beautiful HITS - Hera to show you! YAYY!!! I wanted this polish for SUCH a long time so I snapped it up as soon as it became available on Llarowe. I also managed to get some pictures of it in the sun! YAY! SUN! (We're not getting much of that at the moment... i'm a bit sun-deprived)

I stamped the kitties using Konad Special Stamping Polish in white and then did the little paws with a dotting tool and my go to white China Glaze - White on White.

Look at the holo-y goodness! I must say that the No-Olimpio collection from HITS has a much better formula that the Powerpuff Girls polishes which just filled me with sadness and rage because whilst they're amazing colours, the formulas and brushes suck. The holos however, glide on like magical, sparkly butter. 

Do you own any HITS polishes? What do you think of them? 

Thanks for looking xxx


  1. Cuteness overload! I don't own any Hits yet, but I'm eyeballing the holo topcoat, Hefesto. I can't decide if I want that or a spectra flair topcoat. Nail polish dilemmas......hmm.

  2. It's super cute. Which stamping plate is the kitties from?
    I don't own any HITS polishes yet, but I really want to :)

  3. This are some very lucky kitties to walk on this gorgeous polish - so cute :)

  4. oh i love this, this is soooo cute :) i keep meaning to do a mani like this .... maybe you'll see it soon on Monkey Monday :)

  5. soo cute you inspired me to do one for my dog bday in one week!

  6. awww kitties. this is too precious!

  7. you do the cutest combos! love a white stamp over Hera

  8. I have this HITS and love it! I need to use it more and try stamping like you did here!


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