Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Neon Ruffian with stars!

Hallo lovelies. How are you all? I'm good. I'm going to End of the Road festival in TWO DAYS and I'm SERIOUSLY excited :)

All of the polishes in this mani were a birthday gift from one of the lovely ladies in my Birthday club group. I love being in a birthday group! It's so much fun. I used Sonia Kashuk - Smoke and Ashes for the base - this is seriously the COOLEST silver I own. It's so shimmery and is kind of like a foil but is made up of teeny tiny microparticles that make it shimmer and glisten like no one's business. Then I did a coat of Sinful Colors - Dream On which my camera has utterly failed to capture. It's a lot more pinkish and a hell of a lot more neon that it looks here. Over the top of that I used Wet and Wild - Hollywood Walk of Fame which is different coloured stars, bar glitter and very sparse square glitter in a clear base. This was a bit of a PITA to be honest, but it's always the way with polishes with big glitter like this, right? The stars are a nightmare to get out and the ends poke up so I ended up scratching myself with my nails. Still, they look pretty right? :)

I really, really like ruffians! I hated them when I first saw them. I thought they looked weird but then I did one and on my own nails I was like... ahhwww yeah this is awesome! Has that ever happened to you? You hated something until you tried it? I love it anyway :)

Thanks for looking
Aimee x


  1. Yup, I t´felt the same way about ruffians, until I did my first - I think it's all about the color combination, at least for me. This is lovely!

  2. I was the same, always a bit weary of ruffians but I like them now :)

    Beautiful nails!

  3. cute!!! I used to be very "safe" in my manicures, until I discovered stamping and nail are...I have never looked back!!!


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