Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Holo crazy!!

Hello lovelies!

I went a bit crazy with this mani! I got a package from Llarowe and another from Rainbow Honey and I couldn't decide what polish to wear so ... I wore all of them :) Hooray!

I used Jade Holographic Nail Polish - Mystic Gold on my thumb, first finger and little finger and then did two layers of Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindness from their equestria collection. I LOVE this combo. A lot. Mystic gold is a beautiful gold holo with a lot of green going on in there and it suits the pink and gold tones of ALK really nicely. I love the way the holo shows through the glitter. On the other fingers I used Enchanted Polish - Magic Mirror which is a beautiful lavender holo with little silver shards in. I couldn't get the shards to show up in the polish though. Next time I wear it I'll give the bottle a really good shake to see if I can get those shy little shards to show up. I stamped with Barry M Gold Foil and did some dots with Orly - Purple Pleather. You can see the gorgeous scattered holo in both of these polishes in the last two pictures. Nom.

Mughhrrrr I love holos. I wish the sun would come out again so I can utilise my holo collection to its fullest extent. Come on sun!

I hope you're having a lovely day!

Aimee x


  1. I also think that the sun should come out and play more!

  2. I love the combo and design! I don't think I have told you this before, but I love how you do your nails. The accents on the ends are so unique! Your signature style! :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the gold and purple color combo, so regal!

  4. Gorgeous color combination! I'm always in awe of your choices, and how well they go together!


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